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Updated 12-17-13

To all of our Customers and Friends,

Our Huge Quitting Business Retirement Sale is coming to an end. We will close our doors forever at 5:00 PM Saturday December 28. That will be your final opportunity to purchase your book, bible, and gift needs. Our fabulous prizes will be awarded at 1:00 PM Saturday December 28. There is still time for you to get in the running to win fantastic prizes, and at these tremendous discounts, what are you waiting for? You're also just in time for Christmas.

Starting Tuesday December 17, all merchandise besides Church supplies will now be

70% OFF the regular retail price*

You will now receive 200,000 Prize Points per dollar spent beginning Tuesday Decumber 17!

In addition, our remaining Church Supplies are now 50% off. This is a golden opportunity to stock up on supplies for your church!

We have plenty of store fixtures for sale. Ask us about those items that are still available.

Thank you,
Margaret Umble

*70% Off applies to most merchandise, some exceptions apply including church supplies which will be 50% off, laser engraved products which are 20% off (you can choose to purchase an engraveable product without having any engraving done and receive the full 70% off), and document services.

Please keep in mind as you look around the store that the pink and orange stickers on products are from the initial sale mark down of 20% and no longer apply. The current discount of 70% will be taken off the regular retail price at the register.

We will be closing at 5:00pm on Christmas Eve and will be closed on Christmas Day.

Updated 12-10-13

Our Retirement Sale is entering the Christmas season with full force! We have plenty of Christmas gifts still available and lots of other items waiting for new homes. Why not yours? Especially at our new discount which is

60% OFF Regular Retail Price*

starting on Wednesday, December 11th.

In addition, our remaining Church Supplies are now 40% off. This is a perfect time for your church to stock up on supplies!

All purchases are now worth 150,000 points per dollar spent in our prize contest. You might win a prize! All prizes will be awarded at 1:00pm on Saturday, December 28th. Points can be earned until noon on Saturday, December 28th.

We are open 7 days a week. We will be open until 8:00pm on all weekdays until December 23rd.

On Saturday, December 14th, ask us about our bonus point envelopes. You'll get one draw per contestant to see how many bonus prize dollars you might find in the secret envelope!

Remember that we are still collecting for the food drive and we are a Toys for Tots drop off point. We will be collecting donations until December 17th.

Margaret Umble

*60% Off applies to most merchandise, some exceptions apply including church supplies which will be 40% off, laser engraved products which are 20% off (you can choose to purchase an engraveable product without having any engraving done and receive the full 60% off), and document services.

Please keep in mind as you look around the store that the pink and orange stickers on products are from the initial sale mark down of 20% and no longer apply. The current discount of 60% will be taken off the regular retail price at the register.

Please note that our hours are now:

Sunday11am - 4pm
Monday9am - 8pm
Tuesday9am - 8pm
Wednesday9am - 8pm
Thursday9am - 8pm
Friday9am - 8pm
Saturday9am - 5pm

Posted 11-26-13

This is the big one you have been waiting for! Starting Friday November 29th at 9:00AM all merchandise will be

1/2 OFF

the regular retail price except our engraving and church supplies which will remain at their prior discounts. That's right, 99 % of our remaining inventory will be available to you at 1/2 price! Please, shop early before the more desirable items are gone! Remember, when it's gone, it's definitely gone!

Sunday December 1 Shop us Sunday December 1st during our limited hours and receive triple bonus prize dollars that day. Ask us for our free gifts Sunday. We have a lot of things to give away to you, our loyal and faithful customers, absolutely free!

You, as a loyal customer are receiving this advance notice prior to our newspaper ad which will appear Thanksgiving Day in the Reading Eagle.

Don't forget that ten people will win the ten prizes! Tell your friends and family to help you with their purchases. The winner might as well be you!

Margaret Umble

(The information in this post is effective November 29th through December 3rd)

We will be closed Thursday November 28th for Thanksgiving Day.



Posted 11-19-13

We began our Huge Retirement Sale October 24 and are now nearly a month into selling down our store! This is a tremendous opportunity for you to stock up on Bibles, Books, Jewelry, Home Decor, DVDs, greeting cards, educational material, children's material and much more... Starting Wednesday November 20th all merchandise, except Church supplies, copies, and engraving, will now be:


Off the regular retail price! Try that one on for size! Be sure to stock up because Christmas is only 35 days away! Please note we will be closed Thursday November 28 for Thanksgiving.

Additional Prize dollar opportunities! We are now a drop off point for the US Marine Corp's Toys for Tots Program! Bring in your unwrapped toy and receive 250,000 prize dollars per donation (limit 3 per contestant per day). We are also a drop off point for the Greater Berks County Food Bank. Bring in yur non-perishables and receive 10,000 points per item donated!

Be sure to look for our two Deals of the Week! We offer a large print, English Standard Version Thinline Reference Bible in top grain leather! It's tremendous! We also offer a Single Column Legacy Bible in top grain leather for your consideration. They are a terrific value at 40% off of their regular prices!

Our prize contest continues to grow. Be sure to collect all of the points to which you are entitled. Starting Wednesday, November 20th, we will be awarding 12,000 prize dollars per $ spent!

Margaret Umble

This letter is effective starting Wednesday November 20th through Wednesday November 27th.



Posted 11-12-13

Beginning Wednesday November 13th, nearly all merchandise will be discounted at 1/3 OFF the regular retail price! That means that prices will be considerably less than the posted prices you see in our store! But don't delay, everything is selling fast and unfortunately once it's gone, its gone. Tell your friends! Real friends may give you their purchase points! As you know, the contestants with the most points win the ten prizes in our fantastic giveaway!

Remember we still do engraving free on laser engravable merchandise providing you purchased it from us at a discount not exceeding 20%

Starting Wednesday November 13, you will get 6,000 points for every dollar spent! Don't miss our Free giveaways! The first 50 contestants to come in Wednesday November 13th will a free Christian Decal! Looks great on the outside of tinted or clear windows, car bumpers- almost any surface!

Don't miss Thursday evening November 14th. Come in between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM and take a chance on two wonderful door prizes! One is a beautiful framed picture of Jesus and the Last Supper. The other is The Message by Eugene Patterson. This is the bible in contemporary language. No purchase necessary, but purchases made during this time will be worth 30,000 bonus prize dollars per $ spent! The prizes will be awarded at 8:00 PM. You need not be present to win, but we suggest you be here for all the excitement! Get 100,000 bonus prize dollars just for entering the drawing! One entry per contestant.

Saturday November 16th is our Beat the Clock Sale! That's right, when you come in between 9-11 you will get an extra 10% off our sale prices; come in between 11:00 and 2:00 and get an extra 6% off our sale prices; come in between 2:00 PM -5:00 PM and receive an extra 5% off our sale prices. What a great way to save! (Note: Does not apply to items already % priced or to fixtures, church supplies, engraving or copying.)

Thanks for being great customers,
Margaret Umble

(All offers in this post start Wednesday November 13 and expire at 8:00 PM Tuesday November 19th)

Church supplies will remain at 10% off Laser engraving will continue to be discounted at 20% OFF



Posted 11-05-13

Everything in our store remains on sale, but starting Wednesday, November 6th, at 9:00AM sharp all merchandise will be sold at 3O% off the regular retail price! Imagine being able to purchase Bibles, books, greeting cards, music, home decor, pictures, audio, DVD's, educational supplies, jewelry, children's material, wedding gifts, collectibles, and much more all at significantly reduced prices. Be sure to tell all of your friends about our Huge Retirement Sale so they can share in the bargains. By the way, when you bring in a friend and that friend registers for our Prize contest, you'll get extra prize dollars for the contest.

Please be aware that Church supplies will remain at 10% off and laser engraving will continue to be discounted at 20% off.

Starting Wednesday November 5, you will get 5,000 points for every dollar spent! In addition, the point totals will escalate for Trivia Day, Treasure Hunt Day, and Family day! Keep a sharp eye out for bonus prize dollar certificates that may be attached to some items!

You will notice when you come in that we have posted new lower prices for many of our store fixtures and equipment. Check it out, you may find exactly what you need, but don't delay; they are going fast!

Thursday is family weight day, but this Thursday will also be family height day! Tell us how tall you are and receive 300 points per inch towards the prize contest! Bring your family and friends! The couple coming in with the highest combined heights will get 500,000 Bonus Prize dollars! What an easy way to accumulate points. Each contestant will also get to draw and select a sealed envelope containing extra prize dollars!

Margaret's Attic: Don't forget to check upstairs for really special bargains. You never know what you'll find by doing a little rummaging!

Just as a reminder, our document copying and fax services will continue to operate during the closing sale. These services will continue at regular prices. Certain common church supplies, such as communion cups, will be available at least through the end of the month of November.

Hope to see you soon,
Margaret Umble

Offers in this post begin on Wednesday, November 6, and end at 8:00PM on Tuesday, November 12.



Posted 10-29-13

Our Retirement Store Closing Sale is gathering steam! Starting Wednesday October 30, you will now get 25% off regular prices on nearly our entire inventory! Church supplies are not included and will remain at 10% off. Some merchandise is marked down even more, in a few cases much more!

Check out Margaret's Attic on the second floor for huge bargains! Be sure to ask us about the Deal of the Day Wednesday through Saturday.

Make us an offer on fixtures! There are lots of fixtures for sale that may be of use in your home or business. We listen to all offers so please don't hesitate to ask about anything you're interested in.

Remember that the contest will continue throughout the retirement sale. Visit us as often as possible to accumulate prize dollars! The prizes are on display in the store if you'd like to see what you are gaining points towards. The contestant with the most points at the end of our sale will win the first prize. It could be you!

Starting Wednesday, October 30, you will 3,000 prize dollars for every dollar spent!

Margaret Umble

Offers in this post begin on Wednesday, October 30, and end at 8:00PM on Tuesday, November 5.



Posted 10-22-13


A Huge Retirement/Store Closing Sale will begin on Thursday, October 24th at 9:00AM to liquidate every single item of merchandise in our store to include Bibles, Books, Church Supplies, Music, Home Decor, Audio, DVDs, Greeting Cards, Educational Supplies, Jewelry, Children's Merchandise, Wedding, Gifts, Collectibles, and much more.

We are closing our doors forever. All of our merchandise, store fixtures, furniture, and equipment must be sold.

Arrive early for the best selection. Our openeing will be at 9:00AM sharp on October 24th. We may not have finished placing sale tags on all merchandise, but we will extend a special discount on any items in the store that have not already been marked down.

Fantastic prizes will be awarded. Be sure to visit our contest desk for details and to see all the prizes on display.

After 26 years of serving the community, this sale is initiated only after much prayer and careful consideration. It is our way of thanking you for your business and friendship while accomplishing our goals at the same time.

Margaret Umble

The closing sale is available in store only and is not available through the website.